How To Find SA Daily Lotto Results

Play SA Lotto daily online with Hollywoodbets and benefit from our unique Lucky Numbers Offering! Discover how to make the most of your plays and what benefits you can expect from our Lucky Numbers Offering. Continue to read to find out where to get all your SA lottery results in this article.

SA Daily Lotto

  • The SA Daily Lotto is one of the most popular lotto draws in South Africa. It is held every night at 21:00. You can bet on this draw at Hollywoodbets or you can purchase a ticket for the actual draw at any one of our outlets nationwide.
  • The SA Daily Lotto 5/36 is available to play on Lucky Numbers with Hollywoodbets (not available at KZN branches).
  • The first SA Daily Lotto draw will take place on Sunday, 10 March 2019.
  • The draw takes place daily – Monday to Sunday.
  • The draw closes at 20:30.
  • The results are posted within 1 hour after each draw.
  • The game is based on the same format as SA Lotto. There is one ball set.
  • The ball set has 36 balls (1-36), of which  5 balls are drawn.
  • There is no Bonus Ball, therefore no bonus ball betting.

Betting Options

You can win big with great odds and a massive selection of betting options. Take a look at the table below to see all of the betting options available when you bet on the SA Daily Lotto Draw with Hollywoodbets.

Main Draw Set
Bet OptionOddsBet R10 & Win
1 Number5/1R50
2 Numbers55/1R550
3 Numbers550/1R5 500
4 Numbers7 500/1R75 000

How To Play

The SA Daily Lotto is played in South Africa and has two draws per week. In this game, you pick between one and five lucky numbers that will be drawn on Wednesday and Saturday evenings at 8pm. The SA Daily Lotto can be played on the same day of the draw or up to three draws before. You can also place a win-and-carry bet which guarantees wins if your ticket stays in the top 12 most of the time. The option of a quick pick is a random selection generated by the computer.

Play the lottery for free with Hollywoodbets. We offer a variety of games and prizes, so you can enjoy multiple lotteries from one place. Once you’ve selected your numbers, you then have to decide on how much you want to bet. You can play online or by visiting your nearest Hollywoodbets branch.

We’re proud to offer excellent lottery services and look forward to serving you. We are committed to delivering a high quality, customer centric experience at all times.

Where to find SA Daily Lotto results?

There are several different ways to find the latest results for the SA Daily Lotto. 


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