In today’s Sassa news – The festive holiday season is fast approaching. Many companies, businesses and government officers are closing for the festive holiday season. With Sassa social grants on the brink, thousands are worried they will not receive their payments this month.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) distributes millions of social grants every month. These grants ensure that millions of vulnerable people receive some financial support and can purchase basic goods and services.

The holidays are fast approaching, and several companies and government entities are shutting down for the holidays. While Sassa will continue with grant payments, there are some days during which grants may not be available for collection.

The Sassa Older Person’s Grant is a social grant, paid quarterly, to older persons aged 60 years and over. It is meant to assist with the costs of food, clothing and shelter.

Sassa will be distributing grant from 15th December until After the Electoral Commission make their announcement.

The Sassa grants payment window is open to beneficiaries from Monday to Friday, between 8:30am and 15:00. Beneficiaries will not be able to access their money at Sassa offices on weekends, public holidays or on days with early closures. Beneficiaries are encouraged to check the exact opening hours at their nearest Sassa customer service centre before going there in person with their grant application forms.

The grant beneficiaries are to note that they will not be able to collect the grants on Monday 26 December 2022 and Tuesday 27 December 2022. This is because public holidays observing both days means that all government offices are closed, including Sassa’s offices.

Sassa has granted beneficiaries with a detailed explanation of how the payment of grants will be affected by the 1st January 2023 public holiday.

Earlier this month, the PostBank requested grant beneficiaries to draw their grant payments at retail outlets. This comes after they suspended ATM grant payments.

Grant beneficiaries can instead collect their grants at retail outlets including Checkers, Pick n Pay, Shoprite,  Usave and Boxer stores.


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