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It’s easy to get to the Smartvalue Smart Office Login page. Simply follow the steps below and you will be on your way. Smart Office’s cloud products are designed to be simple and easy to use. We have provided direct links to the Smartvalue Smart Office portals for easy navigation to the portal of choice to perform the various action you need.

What is Smart Office

A smart office is a workspace that uses analytics and connected technology to help people work more efficiently, productively and sustainably.

Smart offices use analytics to understand how the environment can best serve its people and inform more sustainable working processes.

Welcome to SmartOffice! Apply for Leave Online, View Attendance Info, View Leave Summary, View and Apply for OutDoor, and more.

Sign-in occurs automatically if you use a feature in SmartOffice Pro that requires the plug-in, such as correspondence. If you try to access SmartOffice data directly from Word, Outlook or Excel without having first signed it, the plug-in prompts you to sign in.

How to register for Smartvalue Smart Office Account

Here’s how to register for a Smartvalue Smart Office Account online:

  1. Go to the Smartvalue Smart Office site
  2. Click on the Register button on the upper right-hand side
  3. Move to the Create an account Section
  4. Enter your Email address
  5. Follow the screen instructions

How to log into Smart Office Portal

To log into the Smartvalue Smart Office Portal;

  1. In your browser, Navigate to Smartvalue Smart Office Login
  2. You will be directed to the Smartvalue Smart Office login screen
  3. Sign in with the username and password you chose during registration.
  4. Select the Log in button at the bottom of the screen.

Smartvalue Smart Office Login Portals

Please note that the links below can be accessed using a computer or mobile phone. The official website for Smartvalue Smart Office login is

Smartvalue Smart Office PortalsLogin Address
Smartvalue Smart Office websiteLogin
Smartvalue Smart office Download CenterLogin


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