Spectrum Health Care Salaries 

At Spectrum Health Care, the average employee salary is $72,903 a year. Entry-level salaries at Spectrum Health range from $47,785 – $110,416, with top earners making $110,416 annually. Application Developers are the best paid employees in the Spectrum Health Care industry, with an average salary of $68,654 per year. The lowest paid Application Developers earn an average salary of $68,654 per year.

The average Spectrum Health Care salary ranges from approximately $34,740 per year for Front Desk Receptionist to $62,450 per year for Program Manager. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $28,370 per year, while the top 25 percent earned more than $84,430.

What is the highest salary at Spectrum Health?

The highest reported salary for an employee at Spectrum Health Care is currently $110k / year. The lowest reported salary for an employee at Spectrum Health is currently $25k / year. A total of 110 Spectrum Health employees submitted their salary information to Glassdoor in the past 12 months.

Average salaries at Spectrum Health Care

Administrative Assistance

Client Services Coordinator

$36,262per year

Medical Receptionist

$17.75per hour

Human Resources

Human Resources Coordinator

$46,883per year

Human Resources Assistant

$37,615per year


Registered Nurse

$54.77 per hour

Visiting Nurse

$44,725 per year

Other Popular Jobs

Préposé(e) au Service de Soutien Personnel

$18.52 per hour


$18.52 per hour

Support Worker

$17.56 per hour

Program Manager

$62,450 per year

Medical Office Assistant

$22.07 per hour

Home Manager

$49,084 per year


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