Free SARS Income Tax Calculator 2023 

Use our online income tax calculator to estimate your monthly take-home pay in South Africa after PAYE (“pay as you earn”) tax is deducted from your salary.

The advanced tax calculator will allow you to add contributions towards your medical aid, pension fund, provident fund, or retirement annuity.

You can use the calculator below to find out how much tax you need to pay for the year up to 2023. Also, if you scroll down further, we’ve included income tax tables for individuals for the 2023 tax year (1 March 2022 – 28 February 2023).

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Income tax table for individuals

2023 tax year (1 March 2022 – 28 February 2023)

​Taxable income (R)Rates of tax (R)
1 – 22600018% of taxable income
226001 – 35310040680 + 26% of taxable income above 226000
353101 – 48870073726 + 31% of taxable income above 353100
488701 – 641400115762 + 36% of taxable income above 488700
641401 – 817600170734 + 39% of taxable income above 641400
817601 – 1731600239452 + 41% of taxable income above 817600
1731601 and above614192 + 45% of taxable income above 1731600

To calculate your income tax use this LINK

How tax is calculated South Africa?

When you earn more money, you also pay more tax. Your average tax rate is 12.5% and your marginal tax rate is 26.0%. This marginal tax rate means that your immediate additional income will be taxed at this rate. For instance, an increase of R 100 in your salary will be taxed R 26, hence, your net pay will only increase by R 74.

How much is tax on R5000 salary?

You will not pay any tax on your income if the total earning of your monthly salary is less than R5000.

What percentage is tax in SA?

The tax brackets work differently in South Africa. When your income hits one of the thresholds, you go into that bracket. If you earn more money and your income passes over another threshold, you still stay in the same bracket. But none of this means that if you hit a higher bracket, you will get a tax cut. The brackets are 18%, 26%, 31%, 36%, 39%, 41% and 45%

How much do you need to earn to pay tax in South Africa 2023?

If you are over the age of 65 years, your tax threshold is R157 900. This means that you will pay tax on any income you earn above this amount. If you are younger than 65 years old, your tax threshold is R91 250. This means that if you earn more than R91 250 per year, you will pay tax on this amount above.

How do I calculate my salary after taxes?

To calculate the after-tax income, simply subtract total taxes from the gross income. This calculation is fairly straightforward: gross income – total taxes = after-tax income.

How is PAYE calculated in South Africa?

PAYE on regular income is calculated by dividing the annual equivalent tax rate used to determine annual tax liability by 52. This gives the weekly or monthly tax payable for the period.

How much is VAT in South Africa?

VAT is only charged on taxable supplies made. Taxable supplies are supplies for which VAT is charged at either the standard rate (currently 15%) or zero rate (0%). There is a limited range of goods and services which are subject to VAT at the zero rate or exempt from VAT.

How much does SARS take from your salary?

The deduction is limited to 27.5% of the greater of the amount of remuneration for PAYE purposes or taxable income (both excluding retirement fund lump sums and severance benefits). If you’re retired, you may be able to claim some of your pension as a tax deduction.

What is the minimum salary to not pay tax South Africa?

The tax threshold is the amount above which an individual or sole proprietor starts to pay income tax. In South Africa, the threshold is R91 250 if you are younger than 65 years old, and R141 250 if you are 65 years old or older.


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