Unisa Latest News Today 2022

The Unisa fundraiser campaign has been launched for the first time in South Africa, giving the opportunity to students who are unable to afford the full registration fee, or who may face financial hurdles in the future, to fundraise for their own studies.

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has partnered with Feenix, an online crowdfunding platform, to help students fundraise for their own studies. The campaign aims to bring together alumni, donors and communities to help raise funds for students they wish to support. For more information please visit the Unisa website.

This campaign was launched back in June of this year, and plans to run throughout the entire academic year going forward. The goal is to raise awareness of higher education options in developing countries and to increase funding for scholarships.

Register on the Feenix platform to claim your bursary. To date, over R500 000 has been disbursed to Unisa through Feenix.

The University welcomes the launch of Féinix, a new secure and convenient way to donate to Unisa. With Féinix, financial donations can be made directly to the university’s account.

Unisa students can apply to raise funds to pay their fees on Feenix and receive donations to fund their studies. If you are a Unisa student who would like to register to raise funds for your fees, you can visit the Feenix webpage. If you would like to donate funds to students who need assistance with their study fees, you can visit the Feenix funders webpage.

Please note that this self-fundraising campaign is only for enrolled and registered students at Unisa. 


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