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US Visa Info lets you explore the information and resources available from the U.S. Department of State to help you get ready for a trip to the United States. Learn about visa types, application procedures, and when it’s appropriate to apply for a visa. Find out about traveling with children and what to do if there’s a problem with your application or interview.

You can travel to the United States with a valid visa. A visa is an official document issued by a U.S. embassy or consulate that authorizes you to apply for entry into the United States at a port of entry (airport, border crossing, or seaport).

How can I check my US visa details?

The U.S. visa status check tool lets you see if your application has been received by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with your printout of the checklist.

To check the status of your U.S. visa application: United States: Use the online visa status check tool for immigrant or non-immigrant visas.

How much money is needed to get a visa for USA?

The application fee for the most common nonimmigrant visa types is US$160. This includes tourist, business, student, and exchange visas. Most petition-based visas, such as work and religious visas, are US$190. K visas cost US$265 and the fee amount for E visas is US$205.

What is the US visa process?

To apply for a US visa, follow these simple steps: Check if you need a visa. Choose the type of US visa you will apply for. Fill in the Non-immigrant visa Application Form DS-160. Send your application package to the US embassy or consulate where you want to apply. If the embassy or consulate needs additional information from you, they will contact you by mail or email once we receive your application.

How long is a US visa valid for?

U.S. immigration at the port of entry determines how long a person may remain in the United States. The holder of a B-2 visa may be admitted for an initial period of six months, which is extendable in six month increments.

Can I see my US visa online?

You can check the status of your visa application on If your visa has been denied, you may find useful information on Ineligibilities and Waivers on

How Long Does US visa approval take?

The entire visa application processing takes somewhere between two weeks and four months, depending on the type of visa.

How does a US visa get approved?

U.S. law generally requires visa applicants to be interviewed by a consular officer at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate. After relevant information is reviewed, the application is approved or denied, based on standards established in U.S. law.

Can I get a 10 year visa for USA?

Duration of Stay. The Duration of stay of a US visa refers to the longest period the visa holder is allowed to stay in US from the day following entry to US. The US visas are generally issued for a period of 10 years with multiple entries and one can stay for up to 6 months on each visit.

Can I stay in USA after my visa expires?

You may continue to stay in the U.S. as long as your immigration status is valid and you follow all immigration regulations. The expiration date of your visa does not mean that you have to leave the country.

How long does it take to get a US visa online?

If a visa application is approved during a visa interview, the average processing time is 7-10 working days. At least a further 2-3 workdays should be allowed for delivery. If you are eligible for the ‘Interview Waiver Program’ and submit your application by courier without attending an interview.

How can I know my visa number?

The Visa Reference number is a number generated along with your visa application form. You can find your visa reference number in the invoice receipt of your application.

How do I know if my visa is rejected?

Upon visa refusal, you will get a letter from the consulate stating the reason for refusal. This will help you reapply after a specific period of time by rectifying the mistake. Also, some of the consulate websites provide the visa status with the reason for rejection, if any.

How long can an embassy hold your passport?

If the passport is not collected within 14 calendar days from the selected location, the passport will be sent back to the respective Embassy or Consulate and you can pick it from there.

How long does it take to get my visa after Biometrics?

After you have submitted your biometrics to the IRCC with your visa application it should take around 8 weeks to receive your valid visa. Each case can vary so always discuss with your immigration lawyer or consultant.

What is the difference between B1 and B2 visa?

B1 and B2 visas are generally referred to as “B visas”, and they are the most common types of visa issued for a wide range of uses in the United States. The B1 visa is issued mainly for short-term business trips, while the B2 visa is issued mainly traveling for tourism purposes.

How long does a US visa interview take?

You can expect to be at the Embassy or Consulate for approximately two to three hours. The interview with a consular officer is the last step in a two-step process and typically lasts just a few minutes. Prior to the interview staff will collect, data-enter and review your application.

What questions are asked in visa interview?

Following are few of the common questions asked during the United States Visa interview:

What is the reason for your travel to the United States? …

What is the duration of your stay in the United States? …

Where will you be staying? …

Where do you stay? …

Who is going to cover your expenses during the travel?


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