Harmattan Season In Ghana 2022 | Harmattan Weather

The Harmattan season has arrived. This is the time when dust particles, most notably in the Sahara Desert and parts of Ethiopia, are carried by a seasonal wind that starts blowing between November and March. These winds affect your home, car and everything else in its path.

The harmattan is a wind which originates from the Sahara to the north, and is characterised by dry, cold, and dusty wind with variations in the ambient temperatures of day and night.

Dust particles, which are caused by the wind, get into the eyes, ears and nose. These particles can cause allergies and redness of the eyes. Harmattan also causes dryness in the air which causes splitting of lips and soles of feet.

The Harmattan can be a tough time for your skin as it’s drying and dehydrating. With the dry air, harsh winds and cold temperatures, there will be little moisture in the air to keep your face from getting flaky and dry. Here are some tips to help you survive the harmattan in Ghana.

Use lip balms or shear butter (Nkuto)

Soothe dry and chapped lips with Natural lip balms. Made from natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, vitamin e and mango butter, the lotion-like texture of this product helps to moisturize, soften and protect your lips from further dehydration.

Stay hydrated

The best way to protect your skin during this season is by drinking lots of clean water. Drinking adequate amounts of water helps to protect the skin from the excessive loss of fluid experienced during this time.

Make use of face towels or nose masks

With the business of everyday life especially in urban areas, our faces and skin are bound to attract dirt that is invisible to the naked eye. So, it is important that the face be cleansed from time to time with alcohol-free moisturizing face towels.


Regular skin exfoliation helps remove dead and dry skin, making the skin fresh, moisturised, and breathable. Natural scrubs that contain vitamin C and E are good exfoliating agents. This natural honey scented skincare range is perfect for sensitive skin as it contains no chemicals or irritants.

Excessive exfoliation of the skin should be avoided as this will strip the skin of its natural oils and thus, repeating the cycle of skin dryness.


The skin is your body’s largest organ, therefore, you need to take care of it. During the harmattan period, use light-weight hydrating moisturizers and as much as possible, avoid heavy creams during this period. Also ensure to choose safe products that are free from alcohol or other harsh chemicals.

Wear protective clothing

In order to protect your skin from harmattan, it is important to use warm, thick protective clothing. Wear clothes that repel water and moisture, ensuring that you do not sweat excessively, and that you do not develop fungal infections.


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