Ghris Payslips: How to Download Online

Learn how to easily download your GHRIS Payslip online today in Kenya. If you are looking for a step-by-step guide on how to download, print and view your payslip from GHRIS payslip online, then look no further as this article will show you how to do so in a few simple steps.

GHRIS is a web-based Government Human Resource Information System. It stores and manages data on your entire payroll, from wages to taxes. GHRIS is used by the Government of Kenya to collect, store and manage employment data for its public servants.

The Government Human Resource Information System (GHRIS), is a portal created by the government of Kenya. The portal will enable citizens to access their personal data and also get information on any job vacancies in the public sector. The aim of this project is to address all its HR needs.

GHRIS is an integrated Government Human Resource and Management Information System that provides a platform for the effective management of human resources, mainly focusing on salary and payroll data collection, processing and reporting.

We are going to cover the necessary steps on how to download your GHRIS payslip in Kenya. This is very easy, however we have included some important points as well as tips that would help you understand what you are doing and also inform you on how to go about doing it by yourself.

GHRIS is a single, accessible platform that provides access to HR and payroll information for Government of Kenya employees. GHRIS will make it easy for everyone in the public service sector to find out their salary information and pay slips in real time by simply visiting this portal

What is GHRIS?

GHRIS is an online portal that enables all government employees in Kenya access various services online. Employees will be able to get their monthly payslips, yearly P9 forms and manage their bank accounts online.

How To Download GHRIS Payslip

In order to download your GHRIS Payslip, you need to have with you two important items. These are your GHRIS User ID and GHRIS Password which are required for authentication in the portal.

1: Visit GHRIS Portal using this link –

2: Enter GHRIS User ID and GHRIS Password

In order to view your GHRIS Payslip, you will be required to enter your GHRIS User ID (Personal Number) and password. Once you have entered your GHRIS User ID and password, click on the “Login” button below to log into the GHRIS System.

3: MSPS Online Services Dashboard

Once you have successfully logged into your GHRIS account, you will be able to see your GHRIS MSPS Online Services dashboard.  

4: Click on My Records then click on My Payslip from dropdown menu list

On the MSPS Online services dashboard, click on the “My Records” menu item and then followed by “My Payslip” from the dropdown menu list. 

5: Click on Current Payslips

Click on the Current Payslips tab from the left pane list to download our GHRIS payslip. Click on the year that you want your GHRIS payslip for e.g 2016,2017,2018 and 2019

6: View GHRIS Payslip

After successful login, the user is directed to the home page where they can view their current payslips. By clicking on the “Current Payslips” menu, it will take you to a new online payslip dashboard. Here, the year and month of the GHRIS Payslip is pre-selected so you just have to click on the “View Payslip” button on the right hand side.

7: Print GHRIS Payslip

In this last step, after loading the GHRIS Payslip successfully, you will be able to print out the GHRIS Payslip. 


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