The UIF Completed by Assessor means that you have successfully submitted your application for adjudication and your assessor is allocating you a case number. If your claim is found to be complete it will be assessed within the prescribed Turnaround times which are 15 days for unemployment claims and 5 days for maternity claims.

Make sure all details are correct to avoid delays. Bank Account details need to be in your name.

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UIF request for payment received. Finalization of payment is 7-10 days

It is our process that the second or third payment should take no more than ten (10) working days to process after signing the continuation of payment.

Within the 10 days, we double-check if the claimant is indeed still unemployed and to verify other personal details to prevent fraud.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) gives short-term relief to workers when they become unemployed or are unable to work because of maternity, adoption and parental leave, or illness. It also provides relief to the dependants of a deceased contributor.

What does UIF cancelled by paymaster mean?

UIF Cancelled By Paymaster is an event that means you will not receive UIF payment for that current month, or until a future date. We are pleased to advise you that your UIF claim has been cancelled. You need to wait for your UIF claim to be authorized by assessors before you can submit a continuation of benefit application.

This may take some time, so please be assured that we will inform you when it has been processed.

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Please note that if you submit a continuation form prior to the claim being authorized and approved, the Paymaster will cancel your continuation benefit/payment.

Your UIF claim will also be cancelled by paymaster if there are any outstanding documents or information that you need to provide.

If your UIF claim is cancelled because of outstanding documents or information, a letter from us will be sent to you detailing how to get these documents or information. If you need clarification on this you can contact UIF Call Centre: on 0800 UIF (0800 843 843)


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