Sassa Payment – Sassa Status Check

As the festive season approaches, many South Africans receiving social grants from the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) may be wondering if they will still receive their payments during this time.

The answer is yes, SASSA payments will still be made during the festive season. This includes payments for grants such as the old age pension, disability grant, and care dependency grant.

SASSA has assured recipients that there will be no disruption to payments during the festive season. Payments will be made on the usual dates, and beneficiaries do not need to worry about having to go to a SASSA office to collect their payments.

In fact, SASSA has made it even easier for beneficiaries to access their payments during the festive season. SASSA has partnered with various retailers and banks, allowing beneficiaries to collect their payments at these outlets. This means that recipients do not need to travel long distances to collect their payments, making it more convenient for them.

SASSA has also advised beneficiaries to be cautious of scams and fraud during the festive season. SASSA will never ask for personal information or grant details over the phone or via email. Beneficiaries are urged to only provide their information at a SASSA office or to an authorized retailer.

Overall, SASSA payments will continue to be made during the festive season, ensuring that beneficiaries have access to their funds during this time. It is important for beneficiaries to be aware of potential scams and to only provide their information to trusted sources.


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