R350 Grant Beneficiaries to Receive Unchanged Payment Amount

The amount received by SRD grant beneficiaries will remain at R350. However, all other permanent grants will be increased this year.

The South African government has announced that it will continue to implement the R350 grant until March 2024, with the Social Development department receiving R33 billion to fund the extension. While the government is committed to continuing the payment of the SRD grant, it is also looking for alternative social protection options for those who currently receive the grant.

In January, Sassa received over 13.5 million applications for the SRD grant, with between 7.4 million and 7.8 million applicants approved for payment monthly. The grant amount remains at R350, and all other permanent grants will be increased this year. The government has also improved means testing for the grant to reduce spending.

However, the government is still evaluating alternative options for social protection, and R400 million has been allocated to Sassa to administer the grant in 2023/24. Applications for the SRD grant can be made on the Sassa SRD website.


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