If you are one of the students who have applied for funding through NSFAS, it is time to wait for that response after the application closing date.

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Have you been accepted into the scheme or not? Here is a simple guide on how to check your National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) application status.

To check your NSFAS application status:

  1. Log into your myNSFAS account portal.
  2. Enter your ID or username and password.
  3. Click the SIGN IN! button.
  4. Once you log into your account dashboard, click on Track Funding Progress to check your application status.
  5. If your application has been successful, Congrats! If not, better luck next time.

If your NSFAS application status is successful, the system will send you an email alert. If your outcome reads “unsuccessful”, you can apply for an appeal by submitting evidence of exceptional circumstances via www.nsfasappeal.com.

If your appeal is not accepted, you have a right to submit a second appeal within 30 days after the appearance of the “unsuccessful” status on your NSFAS portal dashboard.


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