SASSA Grants Latest News Today 6th May 2023

In todays latest SASSA News – The Department of Social Development (DSD) estimates that this payment is worth R350 per month, and despite calls for an increase to protect the poor from inflation, no increase has been made.

This comes at a time when households are having to make tough choices due to the rising cost of living brought on by rising food and gasoline prices.
Despite Social Development’s gratitude for the grant’s extension until March 2024, it is still only worth R350 and is only temporary.

DSD Minister Lindiwe Zulu has stated that no decision has been made regarding the future of the grant or what should replace the fund after the current arrangement expires.

The Black Sash is a lobbying organization that has been pushing for a Food Poverty Line–compliant minimum increase in social assistance during the past few years.

Social Development has stated that it is looking into ways to implement a more permanent intervention to help people of working age.


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