You need to know how to check Glo airtime balance because many people purchase the Glo airtime without knowing the Glo balance USSD code. If you are a Glo user, this article is for you. 

About the Glo Network

Globacom Nigeria is a popular mobile network used by many citizens and guests who visit Nigeria.

Glo Mobile is a telecommunication company owned by one of the Nigerian richest men. Besides, Glo is one of the freebies networks that offer data plans and voice bonuses to its customers.

You can enjoy nice Glo subscription plans and save your money when you regularly update your balance to a particular amount of money and extend the subscription for the next period.

There are different ways of checking airtime balance on the Glo network, so you need not worry because we will give you all the tips, tricks, and USSD code to check your balance.

A lot of Glo subscribers do not know how to check their Airtime balance on the network or have simply forgotten, which is quite normal, especially when you have multiple SIM cards.

There are times when you will just get a new Sim, complete all necessary registration, buy a recharge card then finally make a few calls.

Looking at how the network operates in Nigeria, it may be hard for you to know how to check the Glo account balance because of the few people using the sim.

Even when the Glo network is the third most popular network in Nigeria, there are fewer people using the network.

Once you are unfamiliar with the code that helps you keep a watch on your credit balance, honestly, you won’t know when you eventually run out of credit. It is also hard to know about your bonus account balance.

How to Check Glo Account Balance

To check your Glo account balance, simply dial #124# and send on your phone. A message will pop up on your screen asking to press 1. After you have pressed 1, it will display your balance on your screen.

Alternatively, if you don’t understand the process, you can do it this way either. Just dial #124*1# and send on your phone and your Glo account balance will display on your screen.

In highlight;

1. Dial #124# and send

2. Press 1 and send it again on the prompt screen.

3. It will display your account balance on your screen.

4. Alternatively, dial #124*1# to check your Glo account balance.

How to Check Glo Bonus Account Balance

To check your Glo bonus account balance, simply dial #122# and it will display on your phone screen. But there are other hidden bonuses you can check based on your prepaid or postpaid plan.

However, based on which prepaid or postpaid plan you choose to subscribe to in the Glo network. Here are codes to utilize and check your hidden Glo bonus balance.

1. Glo Campus booster bonuses: dial #122*10#

2. Glo Bumpa package: dial #122*2#

3. For Glo Yakata: dial *220*1# to view all your bonuses.

4. Glo Jumbo: dial #122*23#

If it is your Glo welcome back bonus you wish to check, simply dial #122*34# to view all your welcome back sim bonus.

However, if you found that you also have a locked welcome back bonus, dial #122*35# to unlock that bonus and start using it.


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