Appeal Rejected SASSA R350 Grant Claims

How To Appeal Rejected SASSA R350 Grant Claims

How To Appeal Rejected SASSA R350 Grant Claims

Latest news about SASSA grants  There has been an increase in the number of appeals for the R350 COVID-19 award that have been denied, thus the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has asked individuals to send them in.

The organization claims this is due to a number of causes, including inconsistencies between beneficiary reports and data from other sources like the Unemployment Insurance Fund and the South African Revenue Service.

In the meantime, SASSA reported an increase in applications it refused in August due to the introduction of a means test.

According to SASSA, this was done so that candidates could prove they had zero income.

After talking with the Department of Social Development, however, the parties involved agreed to reevaluate the means test through the banks as a criterion for eligibility.

About 1.9 million persons who have been receiving the award up to this point but were turned down in August will be affected, SASSA said.

The department is revising the legal foundation supporting the implementation of a means test, the agency stated, and the new version will be made public shortly.

With these revisions, the eligibility requirements will be more clear, and SASSA will have more help in making sure that the grant money goes to those who need it.

About 30,000 people who didn’t actually qualify for the grant were awarded money anyhow, according to a recent audit by the Auditor General (AG).

SASSA claimed it “examined and tightened its controls with regard to the examination of applications” after discovering the problem.

The Social Security Administration has announced that it will evaluate applications on a monthly basis going forward. This means that an application that was approved the previous month may be denied the following month if, for example, the applicant’s financial condition has altered.

“This has become more common as lockdown levels have decreased, allowing various sectors of the economy to return to work, and thereby lowering the number of extremely distressed residents.”

SASSA acknowledged that the epidemic has had an impact and that many people are still without income despite the easing of lockdown.

SASSA stated that it is currently processing around 60,000 appeals from applicants whose applications were denied.

To submit an appeal to SASSA, please email


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