Social grant beneficiaries who chose to receive their money via the Postbank can now collect their money at a retail merchant. They will be required to produce proof before they can receive their money.  

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has revealed that Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant beneficiaries who choose to receive their money via Postbank can collect their grant payments at retail outlets.

SRD clients who opt to receive their grants through Postbank can withdraw their grants at merchant stores.  

Several retail merchants partnered with Sassa to pay grants to beneficiaries around the country. The large footprint of retail outlets means that grant beneficiaries can likely collect their grant payments close to where they stay. 

There are approximately 8 million SRD grant beneficiaries. These beneficiaries can collect their SRD grant at a Pick n Pay, Boxer, Shoprite, Checkers, Usave and Spar store. 

Individuals will be required to validate that they are the beneficiary of the grant by producing proof of their identity when collecting their grant at a retail outlet. They must have access to the cellphone number they used when applying for the grant on the SRD website

Having access to the cellphone number is critical, as a confirmation message will be sent to it. Grant beneficiaries can update their contact information, including their cell phone number on the SRD grant website. 

Clients are requested to produce their ID and cellphone which contains the contact number they provided on the SRD website as contact details.  

Grant beneficiaries who encounter challenges when collecting their money at a retail merchant are encouraged to contact the Postbank for assistance. 

For any challenges experienced during cash withdrawal please contact Postbank enquiries.  

The Postbank assists beneficiaries with enquiries using several different methods. Enquiries can be lodged via the Postbank’s call centre, via the Postbank’s WhatsApp line or email. 

Postbank Enquiries 

Call Centre – 0800 53 54 55

Email – 

Whatsapp – 053 359 6061

This cardless grant collection option is also available to beneficiaries of permanent Sassa grants. It also allows beneficiaries whose Sassa card has expired to access their grant.


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